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Your website represents you, and the design of your site plays a prominent role in sculpting your customers’ opinion of you. Your website design must be appealing, and you must present fresh, relevant content. Your site’s content determines if your customers will continue browsing or move on to competitor sites. Incredibly, presenting an aesthetic website with relevant content is not enough to keep visitors coming back. You must take care of a number of factors, including easy navigation and accessibility. Our website assessment may be just the service you need to present a well-thought out and useful site.

52-Point Check for Quality

We perform our well researched “52-point check” to assess the quality and accessibility of your website. Our website assessment helps you increase your sites visibility making you “findable” by the search engines. We assess your site’s friendliness to the search engines, the quality of your content and keyword optimization. We also check to make sure that you are taking advantage of social media optimization.

Assessment of Website Performance

Our website assessment service includes an inspection of your site’s performance. Do your pages load quickly? Are all of your features functional? Are there broken links? Answers to these questions, along with a collection of other assessments, help determine whether your site is visitor friendly. We also perform markup validation on your website to ensure that it is designed according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Additionally, we make sure that your website is forward compatible. The aim of our website assessment is to help you build a powerful website that enhances your business marketing goals.

Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

Unless your website is visible to the search engines, it may not succeed in making a significant impact on your business. It may well remain buried among the other useless websites. Search engines help drive to traffic to your website, and search engine optimized (SEO) content helps the search engines find you. Our website assessment service focuses on your website’s rank with the search engines. We offer recommendations to help you incorporate suitable modifications to improve your website performance.

Website Assessment turns Visitors into Customers

The top search engines use complicated algorithms to rank websites. Simply tossing keywords in your content will not earn you a positive nod. You will experience steady traffic when your content is SEO rich and relevant. Our website assessment service, therefore, analyzes your site’s content for appropriateness in achieving your business objectives. Our website assessment service helps you make the necessary adjustments to drive traffic to your site. However, helping you drive traffic to your site is not enough; the goal of our website assessment service is to help you turn visitors into paying customers.

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